What is Digimo360?

About our company

DigiMo360 executes marketing strategies and brings them to life through graphic design/print/web & video aligned with client goals intended to generate a desired results or series of responses.

We begin all client relationships by identifying the mission, vision and/or goals of the company or product. We explore the best tone and positioning to begin rebuilding a marketing foundation. There after, we build a marketing platform onto what becomes a solid foundation through the use of proven methods.

Everything you need under one roof. 

From building a brand and crafting your story, to promoting your message through social channels, we can manage every aspect of marketing, design and production. That way, your message is cohesive and consistent.

Our Process

DigiMo uses a five-step process to develop comprehensive marketing design initiatives.

The process has been crafted and refined over the last seven years, and retains an organic quality to allow for flexibility and accommodate client needs. This is the general roadmap of milestones to reach the desired destination.

1. Listen | We listen to the client; understand strategic objectives and what they need to accomplish.

2. Develop |  A strategy is developed, which includes crafting the message, tone and directives.

3. Adopt | The big idea is embraced through collaboration and refinement.

4. Design |  The artists turn the concepts into effective and beautiful deliverables.

5. Remix | Designers remix one another’s work, incorporating edits and enhancing the brand.